Founded in 1960, Copeman Hart enjoys an international reputation for producing not only the most pipe-like sounds, but the most comfortable and authentic consoles.

Copeman Hart produces custom built organs and nothing else. Our approach to organ building has always been more akin to that of the traditional organ builder as all organs are individually designed and custom-built to traditional pipe organ standards, using many pipe organ components. Consoles are built to match the type and colour of timber in the client?s building, and are superior to many pipe organ consoles.

Our long association with, and research into, digital systems, coupled with our use of the most advanced hardware, means that the software and data that we have developed from within our own resources gives results which are superior to cheaper instruments.

The philosophy of the company has always been to make the best imitation of the pipe organ. Whilst acknowledging the superiority of a good pipe organ, it is a sad fact that some churches just cannot afford the many tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds sometimes necessary to install or restore a good pipe organ. There is, therefore, an established need for electronic organs at which organists feel at home, and which make convincing pipelike sounds.

Every Copeman Hart instrument is bespoke with each customer having an unbelievable number of options to consider, from the number of manuals and speaking stops, through to the placement of the speaker system, to the choice of colour and minutiae of console design. Whatever the options chosen, these are high-end elegant instruments with luxury drawstop consoles and wood-based keyboards; essentially they are nothing but the best to help you enhance your playing and congregational singing.

Our organ consultants have an unrivalled in-depth knowledge of our instruments, and church organs in general, allowing our customers to be guided through the plethora of questions and options with ease.

From a detailed blueprint for the desired instrument, a comprehensive price with a wide range of options is developed for the customer to consider. This approach is similar to that taken by pipe organ builders and is unique to digital organs. Some may say this is an old fashioned approach whilst others realise that this tradition is one of the major reasons why Copeman Hart is regarded by many to be the partner to work with when building the ‘King of Instruments’.


When you buy a Copeman Hart organ, you are making a capital investment in every sense, and the organ becomes an increasing asset.