The genealogy of Makin organs can be traced back to the first experiments of synthetic organ tone made by Compton Organs Ltd, the famous pipe and electronic organ builder, whose farsighted founder, John Compton experimented with synthetic generation of organ tone back in the 1920?s. Makin itself was founded in 1970 when it acquired part of Compton Organs Ltd and continued with the innovation started half a century earlier.

Totally bespoke instruments from Makin Organs with the customer choosing everything from the number of manuals, stops, octave couplers, console type and even the exact samples to use. We have provided a few examples, but can easily build whatever size of instrument you require with additional stops. These organs use the top of the range Custom technology which includes MultiSamples where each note of each stop has an individual pipe sample taken from an English pipe organ.

Using the latest technology we now have both live sampling and live reverberation. For example, we have now captured the actual reverberation from a number of famous buildings worldwide, including for example Liverpool Cathedral and the Lady chapel.

We build the best quality digital church organs with the ultimate, proven technology of Real-Time Live Sampling with an individual sample of every note of every stop.

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