A custom built Makin organ with 25 stops using the top of the range live multi-sample technology. Typically this instrument would have 12.1 channels of amplification and 13 speaker cabinets containing 37 individual speaker drivers.

Typical details of a Custom 2-20T include:
Standard or deluxe console
Complete choice of specification and samples used
Realtime Live MultiSamples
Dark or Light Oak polished finish
AGO?32 note pedalboard
25 Stops
12.1 Amplifiers
Requires external speakers
12 Reverb programmes
Pitch control
Stereo 3D Acoustics
C-C# wind chest layout
Physiological Swell pedal
pipeLIFE Tuning
Dynamic Chiff
Easy Menu
Programmable touch
256?Long Term piston memories
6?Pedal pistons
6?Great pistons
6?Swell pistons
8 General pistons
Controls for manual bass, chorus
Connections for MIDI, Headphones, Reverb, Aux in & out

Height (excluding music desk) 123cm
Width 163cm
Depth 75cm
Depth with Pedalboard 122cm

An example of a bespoke specification:

Name Custom 2-25D
Manufacturer Makin Organs
No. of Manuals 2
No. of Stops 25
Console Type Motorised DrawStop
Installation Type Church, Crematoria, Home, School, Other
An example of a bespoke specification:
Violone 16′
Bourdon 16′
Principal 8′
Bass Flute 8′
Fagotto 16′
Great to Pedal
Swell to Pedal
Great & Pedal Combinations Coupled
Open Diapason 8′
Stopped Diapason 8′
Gamba 8′
Principal 4′
Harmonic Flute 4′
Twelfth 2 2/3′
Fifteenth 2′
Mixture (19.22.26) III
Corno di Bassetto 8′
Trumpet 8′
Swell Sub Octave to Great
Swell to Great
Swell Octave to Great
Swell (enclosed)
Geigen Diapason 8′
Lieblich Gedackt 8′
Salicional 8′
Voix Celeste 8′
Gemshorn 4′
Flageolet 2′
Mixture (15.19.22) III
Oboe 8′
Contra Fagotto 16′
Cornopean 8′
Sub Octave
Unison Off

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